There are so many amazing views to take in here in Hunterdon County! From the mountains in the north through the farm field rolling hills to the south and the rivers in between, Hunterdon provides the perfect place to sit down and enjoy the view! Here are our top 4 vistas to check out:

Point Mountain 

Nestled in the top end of the County, Point Mountain provides the perfect hike through the northern woodlands of Hunterdon. The best part? Getting to the top of course! Once you arrive on top, you can step out onto several large rocks. Then, sit down and take in the magic – beautiful farm fields become laid out in front of you like it was a painted scene.

Goat Hill Overlook

This shorter hike provides a more easy time for visitors. The best part about its shorter length is getting to the grand finale that much quicker! Once you reach the grassy knoll on the top, you are greeted with a spectacular view of the River Towns of Lambertville and New Hope, PA with the mighty Delaware River in between. 

Milford Bluffs

Located directly above the charming river town of Milford is one amazing viewscape of the Delaware River! Hike up this unique trail and arrive at your perfect destination – views of the scenic Milford Bridge and the majestic Delaware River. 

Not in the hiking mood?

There is one vista that can’t be missed from street level, and is noted as a top photographed spot in the Country! Know what it is? The historic Red Mill of course in downtown Clinton! With the trickling of the old falls, the stone Hunterdon Art Museum to one side and the Iron Truss Bridge to the other makes this picturesque spot an obvious choice.

There are so many incredible vistas in Hunterdon County that we cannot even begin to name them all! Sometimes all you need to do is ride out into the countryside or up into the mountains and take in a view just out your car window and be amazed. That’s what makes Hunterdon such a special place. Start with our list, but then…get out and explore!