Napa Valley? Who needs that when you have scenic wine country, Hunterdon County! From the farm fields of Pittstown to the countryside along the Delaware River, you can taste the other side of Jersey! Travel with us along scenic country roads from north to south in beautiful Hunterdon County.

Start your day with a glass of wine in Pittstown at Beneduce Vineyards! With beautiful tables with umbrellas and a fabulous barn space, you can enjoy scenic vistas from any perspective.

Take a ride to Bobolink Dairy and Bakehouse, home to some of Hunterdon’s finest cheeses near the Delaware. Say hello to the friendly cows along the fence line, and head into the rustic barn to sample fine Hunterdon fresh cheese. Make sure to see if Nina, one of the owners of the farm, is around – she will tell you everything you need to know to pick the best cheese!

Take your cheese down to Federal Twist Vineyard! Just off of Route 29 is this lovely winery. It is even just steps off the tow path if you want to walk off your wine for a few minutes after! A cool glass of wine and a plate of Bobolink Cheese will be the perfect late afternoon refresh you needed!

Wind down the river and head over to Unionville Vineyards next. Ride over the old wooden bridge and head up the long gravel drive. Once you see the old brick farmhouse, you know you are in the right spot to end your day. Step out of the car and head into the big old barn to find the right glass of wine to relax and take in the scenic vistas of East Amwell Township.

Got time to explore more? Hunterdon has it:

Mount Salem Vineyards – Just off County Road 579, Mount Salem’s Austrian varieties, beautiful views and restored farmhouse are just the beginning of this winery’s charms.

Old York Cellars– aside from great wine, you can rent a cabana with a beautiful view, browse their winery menu and dine with a beautiful view, catch a comedy show, and more! Old York has a LOT to experience!

Angelico Winery– Opening in August of 2022, Angelico is the newest addition to the family in Hunterdon. Enjoy their tasting room and the escape and the peaceful beauty of their secluded, but easy to access, location.

Fourchette– Located in the historic and charming Town of Clinton, Fourchette is a family run shop inspired by the joie de vivre lifestyle of traveling Europe!

The beautiful landscapes and rolling hills of Hunterdon make for not only the perfect wine to enjoy, but the perfect view to enjoy it too! Escape the busyness of the world, enjoy a glass and take in the magic and beauty of scenic Hunterdon County!