Discover the charm of Hunterdon County’s U-pick locations, where the beauty of Hunterdon County’s harvest showcases why New Jersey is known as the “Garden State”.  Various local farms offer a hands-on experience, allowing you to pluck the freshest produce directly from the source. From bountiful apple orchards to sprawling pumpkin patches, these u-pick spots invite you to immerse yourself in the sights, scents, and tastes of the season. Be sure to check out some of these locations for memorable family fun in the fall season!

Bonacorsi Farm

At Bonacorsi Farm, a delightful array of apple varieties awaits, ensuring you discover the perfect variety for you and your family. For those seeking locally sourced apples without the picking, the farm provides a convenient farm stand showcasing hand-picked apple assortments available for purchase. Moreover, the farm offers an enchanting U-Pick experience for grapes, adding to the tapestry of options for a memorable visit. Be sure to stop by Bonacorsi Farm to pick up fall baking essentials to bake a delicious apple pie.

Peterson Farm

Peterson Farm in Flemington beckons with an abundance of produce, from crisp apples to plump pumpkins and peaches. If you need to bake a pie or want to carve a pumpkin, Peterson Farm is the perfect place for all the autumn essentials. Don’t miss the chance to explore Peterson Farm’s rich fall harvest—it’s your invitation to embrace the season’s offerings.

Melick’s orchard

Experience the enchantment of Melick’s Orchard and Town Farm locations, where a visit isn’t just about apples and pumpkins—it’s an experience of family fun and togetherness after the warm summer months. Beyond the U-Pick experience, immerse yourself in the allure of scenic wagon rides that meander through the sprawling fields of produce. These leisurely rides provide an idyllic escape, allowing you to soak in the beauty of the surrounding landscape while embracing the rhythms of rural life.

But that’s not all. A highlight of your visit to Melick’s Orchard is the captivating sight of a working cider press in action. Here, the farm’s luscious apples are transformed into their renowned apple cider. For the adults, Melick’s even produces an award-winning hard cider! Be sure to stop by Melick’s orchard for classic Hunterdon fall fun.

Phillips Farm U-Pick –

Embark on a delightful adventure to Phillip’s Farm, where a one-of-a-kind U-Pick escapade awaits, abundant with luscious apples and peaches. Buckets are available for purchase on site which makes for an easy and seamless U-Pick experience. No matter your age, Phillip’s Farm has fun for everyone!

After immersing yourself in the U-Pick splendor, take a leisurely drive down the road to Phillip’s Farm Stand. From crisp vegetables to succulent fruits, the stand offers a medley of flavors, each a testament to the farm’s dedication to quality and freshness.

West Portal Pumpkin Patch – 

West Portal Pumpkin Patch is a festive autumn destination offering delightful pumpkin picking and activities for all ages. Embark on a scenic hayride through picturesque fields, select the perfect pumpkin, and revel in seasonal fun like corn mazes and petting cute farm animals. With a warm and welcoming atmosphere, it’s the ultimate place to embrace the spirit of fall and create cherished memories with family and friends.

Everitt Farm at Pumpkin Junction

At Everitt Farms Pumpkin Junction in Hunterdon County, the magic of fall comes alive. Immerse yourself in a world of vibrant pumpkins, charming hayrides, and exhilarating corn mazes. From pumpkin picking to face painting and petting zoos, every corner offers excitement for all ages. Embrace the autumn spirit with family and friends as you indulge in the heartwarming traditions and create lasting memories in this enchanting seasonal haven. Be sure to stop by Pumpkin Junction this fall for classic family fun!

From apples and pumpkins to peaches and grapes, each location conveys the heart of the Garden State. The charm of hands-on picking, coupled with scenic beauty, imparts an unforgettable experience for family fun. As the seasons change, these U-Pick gems serve as timeless reminders of the simple joys found in the heart of nature’s embrace and provide you with the perfect fall foods for your favorite dishes. Hunterdon County’s U-Pick locations paint a vivid canvas of seasonal delight and cherished memories.


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