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An Ice Cream Lover’s Guide to the Best Local Shops

Ice cream is a classic almost everyone loves, especially on a warm day. In Hunterdon County, there’s no shortage of destinations including old-fashioned roadside stands and unique local shops serving ice cream pies, soft-serve, and homemade flavors. Here’s a guide to ice cream in Hunterdon County, NJ, traveling roughly north to south!

Gronsky’s Milk House

Ice Cream Stops in the North!

High Bridge is home to Gronsky’s Milk House; an old-fashioned roadside 🍦 shop and cafe serving breakfast and lunch since 1978. This family-owned business is a popular destination for hikers, bikers, and family outings. The pancake of the month is always a treat!

Sweet Scoops

Located in picturesque downtown Clinton, NJ, Sweet Scoops on Main serves hand-scooped hard 🍦 and sundaes from a charming pink and white shop. The beautiful outdoor patio enhances the tasty experience.

Just Chill

Only a short walk away, Just Chill Frozen Yogurt is a family-owned shop offering award winning frozen yogurt, 🍦, and gelato.

Polar Cub

The old-school walk-up window at Polar Cub in Whitehouse Station attracts 🍦 lovers of all ages. Located alongside Route 22, you’ll find creamy soft serve, shakes, soda floats, and ice cream sandwiches.

Humdoo Ice Cream

Turn to the West

In Flemington, Humdoo is a tasty new addition to Stangl Road, located next to Stangl Factory. Seasonal flavors, flights, and a hot cocoa bar in the winter keep the crowds coming back!  

Thee Ice Cream Parlor

Flemington is also home to Thee Ice Cream Parlor, a 1950’s themed 🍦 parlor located on Route 202. Their old-fashioned menu has over 80 flavors of 🍦, hot fudge sundaes, root beer floats, and banana splits. Walking in will take you on a delicious journey back in time.  

The Farmers Table

In Sergeantsville, The Farmer’s Table is a country farm store which sells products direct from Sugar Maple Jerseys Farm and other local farmers. All products are locally sourced, including homemade ice cream made from fresh milk from Sugar Maples’ herd of Jersey cows. Creative flavors include Brown Cow, brownie batter 🍦 with chunks of brownies, cookie dough, and a fudge swirl. 

Jimmy’s Ice Cream

Ice Cream Spots Along the River

In Milford, Jimmy’s on Route 519 is a seasonal roadside ice cream destination that also serves burgers, hot dogs, and grilled cheese. With three walk-up windows, Jimmy’s is an old-fashioned establishment. They have a loyal following who are passionate about their soft serve ice cream and sprinkles.


Gaby’s in Frenchtown is another popular roadside cafe and 🍦 destination.  With a walk-up ice cream window, colorful murals, and games, Gaby’s is a treat!  

Sandy’s Scoops

In downtown Frenchtown, Sandy’s Scoops is a new storefront scoop shop featuring homemade small batch ice cream made with local ingredients. Unique flavors include strawberry donut with vanilla pudding swirl and coffee stracciatella with espresso bean. 

Owowcow Creamery

Now head South!

Owowcow Creamery in Lambertville is committed to supporting local farmers, sourcing local and organic dairy, fruits and vegetables, eggs, and raw honey to make their signature flavors that vary throughout the seasons, along with vegan options. A summer favorite is Strawberry Salted Stracciatella: local strawberry 🍦 with salted dark chocolate stracciatella.⁠

Peace Pie

Also in Lambertville, Peace Pie serves gourmet ice cream sandwiches with a layer of pie filling in scrumptious flavors like Salted Caramel Apple and Coconut Cream.

If you’re in the mood for 🍦 there’s nowhere better to be than Hunterdon County. There are so many places to try, so you better get MOOvin!   

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