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Chef Aaron McCargo, Jr. Road Trip

Celebrity Chef Aaron McCargo Jr, of Bar Rescue & Food Network fame, visited restaurants and farms in Hunterdon County to showcase the Farm-to-Table nature of the region.  The county’s intricate food ecosystem and vibrant culinary season combine to produce farm-fresh menus in restaurants throughout Hunterdon!  To tell the story, Chef McCargo immersed himself exploring seven local farms and restaurants, seeing how they partnered and then tasting the results.  Now you can follow in his footsteps and truly taste The Other Side of Jersey.

Readington Brewery & Hop Farm

First stop, Readington Brewery! A 25-acre farm brewery offering a wide selection of high-quality beers brewed on premise, to style, based on their country of origin.

Chef Aaron McCargo Jr at Readington Brewery

Matt’s Red Rooster

Coming up next is Matt’s Red Rooster, a beloved spot among locals housed in a quaint Victorian hidden away off Flemington Main Street. Chef and owner, McPherson, remains loyal to his New Jersey heritage by incorporating the freshest locally sourced ingredients into his distinctive culinary creations. Utilizing a wood-fired grill as the centerpiece, he skillfully enhances the flavors of his dry-aged steak, 3-day baby back ribs, cedar plank roasted salmon, Griggstown marinated chicken, and the renowned wood-fired romaine heart.

Chef Aaron McCargo Jr at Matt's Red Rooster

Bread & Culture Artisan Bakery

Just a stroll away is Bread & Culture, a beloved addition to Flemington’s main street. Despite being one of the town’s newest establishments, it’s already earned a special place in locals’ hearts. With a commitment to using local ingredients, they’ve consistently relied on nearby suppliers to bolster community support and deliver top-notch flavors. Be sure to arrive early, though, as their delectable offerings tend to fly off the shelves.

Chef Aaron McCargo Jr at Bread & Culture

Gorgeous Goat Creamery & Soap

Chef Aaron heads off to Stockton for a unique experience – spending time with… goats! That’s right, goats! At Gorgeous Goat Creamery, they craft their own farm-fresh goat cheese, yogurt, bottled milk, and skincare items, all available at nearby farmers markets. If the delightful products don’t bring a smile to your face, the charming goats certainly will! Be sure to visit their website for events where you can engage and interact with these friendly animals.

Chef Aaron McCargo Jr at Gorgeous Goat Creamery


At FiNNBAR, patrons can savor a unique menu spotlighting seasonal, locally sourced ingredients, drawing inspiration from Italian and Mediterranean cuisines. Chef and co-owner Cal Peternell, a celebrated cookbook author and podcast host, brings his expertise from over two decades at the helm of the kitchen at Chez Panisse, an iconic establishment in the Bay Area founded by Alice Waters. While the food is undoubtedly delightful and the chef’s credentials impressive, what truly stands out is their mission. The majority of FiNNBAR’s profits are directed towards Studio Route 29, a forward-thinking art studio in Frenchtown, dedicated to amplifying the creative talents and perspectives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Chef Aaron McCargo Jr at FiNNBAR

Haring Family Farm

The Haring Family Farm is our next destination, a family-run operation. Their animals graze freely in lush pastures, contributing to soil regeneration. With complete control over their animals’ upbringing, they ensure the highest standards, offering pasture-raised, non-GMO meat and eggs unlike those found in conventional stores.

Chef Aaron McCargo Jr at Haring Family Farm

The Ciderhouse at Ironbound Farm

Finally, Ironbound Farms, nestled in Asbury, NJ, is a beacon of sustainable agriculture. Here, they cultivate a harmonious blend of heritage livestock and organic crops, embodying a commitment to regenerative farming practices. Visitors can explore picturesque pastures and experience the farm-to-table journey firsthand. With a focus on community engagement and environmental stewardship, Ironbound Farms stands as a testament to the transformative power of mindful farming.

Chef Aaron McCargo Jr at Ironbound Farm

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