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Cheers and Scenic Sips: Exploring Hunterdon County’s Boozy Bounty

Embark on a road trip through Hunterdon County’s picturesque landscapes, where vineyards, breweries, and distilleries await your eager palate. Sip on exquisite wines, sample unique craft brews, and savor artisanal spirits as you delve into the rich flavors and stories behind each establishment. Indulge in the perfect blend of nature, history, and libations, making memories that will leave a lasting taste of Hunterdon County’s vibrant beverage scene. Cheers to an unforgettable journey!

The Ciderhouse at Ironbound Farm

Experience the rustic charm of the Ciderhouse at Ironbound Farm. Sip on handcrafted ciders made from locally sourced apples, carefully crafted to perfection. Indulge in seasonal dishes crafted from the farm’s bountiful harvest, perfectly complementing the crisp and refreshing ciders. With its rustic elegance and commitment to sustainable practices, the Ciderhouse at Ironbound Farm offers a memorable and authentic farm-to-table experience for cider enthusiasts and food lovers alike. Come, unwind, and savor the flavors of the countryside in this unique and charming cider haven.

Mount Salem Vineyards

Escape to the enchanting world of Mount Salem Vineyard in Alexandria. Immerse yourself in the vineyard’s lush surroundings as you sample a selection of handcrafted wines, meticulously crafted from estate-grown grapes. Delight your palate with the harmonious blend of flavors and aromas, from crisp whites to bold reds. Whether you’re a wine aficionado or a curious explorer, this hidden gem in Alexandria promises a truly captivating and delectable experience.

Beneduce Vineyards

Stop by to experience the elegance of Beneduce Vineyard in Alexandria. Savor the rich flavors and aromas of meticulously crafted wines, from vibrant whites to velvety reds. Explore the vineyard’s charming tasting room, adorned with reclaimed wood and warm ambiance. Attend wine events and tastings, where you can deepen your understanding of the winemaking process and enjoy live music.

Descendants Brewing Company

Descendents Brewing in Milford is a craft beer lover’s paradise. Immerse yourself in their taproom and discover a diverse selection of finely brewed beers. From hoppy IPAs to rich stouts, indulge in flavorful creations while soaking in the lively and welcoming atmosphere. Cheers to a true beer aficionado’s destination!

Federal Twist Vineyards

Federal Twist Vineyard in Stockton is a hidden gem for wine enthusiasts. Explore their boutique vineyard, taste exquisite estate-grown wines, and embrace the scenic beauty of the Delaware River Valley. Immerse yourself in a personalized wine experience, where passion and craftsmanship converge.

Odd Bird Brewing

Odd Bird Brewing in Stockton is a unique destination for beer aficionados. Step into their cozy taproom and discover a delightful array of handcrafted beers. From traditional styles to experimental brews, each sip is a flavor adventure. Embrace the friendly atmosphere, engage with passionate brewers, and savor the essence of craft beer excellence.

Angelico Winery

Nestled in the charming town of Lambertville, NJ, Angelico Winery is a hidden gem for wine enthusiasts seeking a taste of Italian-inspired excellence. Set amidst picturesque countryside, this family-owned winery embraces the art of winemaking with passion and dedication.

Old York Cellars Winery

Discover the beauty of Old York Cellars in Ringoes. This scenic winery offers a delightful selection of handcrafted wines, breathtaking vineyard views, and a warm, inviting atmosphere. Savor the flavors, tour the vineyards, and indulge in a truly memorable wine-tasting experience.

Unionville Vineyards

Unionville Vineyards captivates with its stunning setting in Ringoes. From elegant whites to bold reds, each sip reflects their commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Immerse yourself in their inviting tasting room, where knowledgeable staff guide you through the flavors of the region. Unionville Vineyards offers a serene and memorable experience for all who seek the finest in wine and hospitality.

Lone Eagle Brewing

Lone Eagle Brewing in Flemington is a craft beer haven located on Stangl Road. Step into their vibrant taproom and explore a diverse range of expertly brewed beers. From crisp lagers to fruity sours, indulge in a flavorful adventure. There is also spacious outdoor seating to enjoy the atmosphere and even bring along your furry friend!

Skunktown Distillery

Skunktown Distillery in Flemington, NJ is a hidden gem for spirits enthusiasts. From smooth whiskeys to unique infused vodkas, savor the flavors and witness the art of distilling. Immerse yourself in the welcoming ambiance, engage with passionate distillers, and experience the essence of craft spirits at Skunktown Distillery. Stop by for a cocktail or two!

Readington Brewery & Hop Farm

Readington Brewery and Hop Farm in Readington, NJ is a beer lover’s paradise. Located on one of the largest hop farms in New Jersey, this brewery is truly a beer lover’s paradise. Experience the unique flavors of their handcrafted ales and lagers, expertly brewed on-site. Enjoy the rustic taproom, outdoor seating, and engaging events. Discover the perfect blend of farm charm and exceptional beer at Readington Brewery and Hop Farm.

Conclave Brewing

Tucked away on Minneakoning Road, Conclave Brewing in Raritan is a craft beer destination that captivates with its innovative brews. Step into their cozy taproom and immerse yourself in a rotating selection of meticulously crafted ales.. Engage with the friendly staff, embrace the laid-back atmosphere, and enjoy the outdoor seating at Conclave Brewing. Cheers to a true beer lover’s haven in Raritan!

Sunken Silo Brew Works

Sunken Silo Brewing in Lebanon, NJ invites you to discover their unique beers in a charming countryside setting. Indulge in their handcrafted brews while enjoying the taproom or relaxing on the outdoor patio. Embrace the warm hospitality, soak in the scenic views, and experience the rustic charm of Sunken Silo Brewing.



Melick’s Hard Cider in Oldwick is a must-visit for cider enthusiasts. Explore their orchard and taste a variety of delicious ciders made from local apples. Immerse yourself in the cozy tasting room, where the flavors of crisp and refreshing ciders come to life. Experience the perfect blend of tradition and innovation at Melick’s Hard Cider.

Raise a glass and toast to the unforgettable experiences encountered on your road trip through Hunterdon County’s vineyards, breweries, and distilleries. From the robust wines to the flavorful brews and handcrafted spirits, this adventure promises lasting memories and a newfound appreciation for the region’s vibrant beverage culture!

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