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The Ultimate Winery Roadtrip throughout Hunterdon!

Hunterdon County is known for many things: great views, historic sites, river towns, and fun farm visits, but do you know what else?  We are home to seven wineries!! During your travels, stop by a local winery and taste the goodness that makes Hunterdon a mecca for wine enthusiasts. If you have time, check out our Breweries and Charming Main Streets too!  Cheers and toast to a great visit!!

Beneduce Vineyards

Looking for a destination that offers bucolic views and charming tasting areas?  Each one of our wineries offers these and more!  Wind your way through the countryside and stop by for a taste of these fine wines.

Beneduce Vineyards: A vineyard that has beautiful views, great wine and always has an event that meets your expectations.  The outdoor space of the tasting room allows visitors to sit in the shade or out on the patio to listen to live music and enjoy the food trucks on the weekend that pairs well with their wines.

Mount Salem Vineyards

Mount Salem Vineyards: This is a vineyard that offers the charm of Old Europe.  Private tours and tastings, accompanied by Austrian inspired cuisine, is what makes this winery a unique and special place to visit.

Angelico Winery

Angelico Winery: Started by a 5th generation winemaker from Sicily, Angelico winery is our newest winery.  The tastings are held in the beautiful rebuilt barn or outside on the patio.  You feel like you are in an Italian vineyard where the family lives and grow the grapes.

Federal Twist Vineyards

Federal Twist Vineyard: Located along the Delaware River, this is a location that draws the Sunday drivers, the cyclists and even sometimes the tubers!  Enjoy your wine tastings within the vineyard (tasting room under construction) and enjoy the views of the rows of grapes and rolling hills.

Old York Cellars Winery

Old York Cellars: An all-season visit.  Firepits and gazebos with blankets for the winter wine enthusiasts, or sunny patios with big umbrellas and comfy private outside lounge areas for the warm weather visitors.  Old York wants you to feel comfortable and welcomed when you come for a tasting or a special event.

Unionville Vineyards

Unionville Vineyards: This winery sits on 300 acres.  The views are spectacular, and the wines are high quality.  The tastings are led by extremely knowledgeable team members who welcome you to stay as long as you wish.  Sip and enjoying the beautiful landscape that surrounds the tasting room.

The Ciderhouse at Ironbound Farm

The Ciderhouse at Ironbound Farm: Yes, I know they are not a wine vineyard, but they are a winery (technically)!  As the name says, this is where hard cider is made.  Try a different twist on fermented fruit.  You will truly enjoy the taste of the cider and food when you visit this working farm that serves a true farm-to-table menu!

Keep an eye out for Meadowbrook Winery, as their tasting room is set to debut in 2025!

If you have time, check out our Breweries and Charming Main Streets too!  Cheers and toast to a great visit!!

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