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U-Pick Strawberry Tour

Strawberries are a staple summer fruit as they make for savory desserts, salads, and fruit juices. What makes summer even more exciting is that it’s the best time to pick strawberries, as these juicy treats are in full bloom! If you want something unique to do in the summer, here are our best u-pick strawberry fields.

Strawberry season in Hunterdon County, NJ typically runs from late May to early July, depending on weather conditions and other factors.

During this time, many local farms offer pick-your-own strawberry experiences, where visitors can pick fresh, ripe strawberries right off the vine. The strawberries grown in Hunterdon County are known for their sweet, juicy flavor and are a popular local attraction.

There are several farms in Hunterdon County, NJ that offer pick-your-own strawberries during the season. Here are a few examples:

Melicks Farm Store

This farm has two locations in Hunterdon County (Oldwick and Califon) and offers pick-your-own strawberries in late May through early July, depending on weather conditions. They provide baskets for picking, and visitors can pay by the pound for their strawberries. Find out more here – Melicks Farm

Phillips Farm Store

Located in Holland Township, NJ, this farm offers pick-your-own strawberries from late May through early June, depending on weather conditions. Pick-your-own fruit during season is a fun and family-friendly outdoor activity and shouldn’t be missed. Experience the farm at its best by picking your own fruit and berries. Visitors can purchase picking containers and pay by the pound for their strawberries.  More in information can be found here – Phillips Farms

Bonacorsi Family Farm

At Bonacorsi Berry Farm they offer UPICK STRAWBERRIES & Fiddlin’ on the Farm! Located in Franklin Township, NJ, this farm offers pick-your-own strawberries in early June, with some great music to listen to while you pick! Visitors can purchase containers for picking and pay by the pound for their strawberries.  Find out more information at Bonacorsi Berry Farm

Peterson Family farm

There are plenty of delicious ripe strawberries out in their field! They allow you to taste test while out in the field. Peterson’s Farm wants you to be happy with the variety that you pick! Their varieties include:



All Star

Check the website for more information.

It’s always a good idea to check with individual farms ahead of time to confirm their hours and availability for pick-your-own strawberries.

In addition to pick-your-own farms, many farmers’ markets and roadside stands in the area also offer locally grown strawberries during the season. Some local businesses may also incorporate strawberries into their menus or products, such as strawberry jams or baked goods.

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