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Your Guide to Thrifting in Hunterdon

Whether you love thrifting because of the positive environmental impact, or you love the look of something worn in, there are so many thrift stores, antique spots, and consignment shops to visit in Hunterdon County! From Califon to Milford, explore all of the treasures that Hunterdon’s thrift scene has to offer! See below for your guide to thrifting in Hunterdon County.

Rascal Salvage Vintage

If you’re spending the day in High Bridge, add this groovy time capsule to your agenda! Owners Michele and Rob’s mission is to “scout high and low for super unique things that are quirky and fun vintage and pop culture decor and collectibles that make us yell to each other across the room, ‘WOAH, check this out!’ and we hope you have the same reaction”. From mint condition vintage clothing, art from decades past and a variety of collectibles, there is something for everyone at Rascal Salvage Vintage.

Merge Gallery

Right off of Kingwood Ave, on Race Street, Merge Gallery is a decoration and furniture thrifter’s dream! Focusing in the areas of sculptures, furniture, art, garden decor, and iron work, Merge Gallery has hard-to-come-by pieces that are sure to draw an eye. Whether you’re looking for a 1943 Fisher Price Navy medic trunk or an Argentinian cowhide, you’re sure to find the newest addition to your home and garden. Sneak a peak at their offerings online!

Antiques Center at the People’s Store

Looking to avoid the crowds but have access to the same variety of items in Lambertville? You won’t want to pass up a visit to the Antiques Center at the People’s Store on N. Union St! From a vast selection of art and sculpture to antique furniture and household goods, the Antiques Center at the People’s Store doesn’t miss a beat. With two levels of antiques, you’ll have access to a plethora of finds that are sure to impress. The dedication and passion behind finding antiques dating back to the 18th century and beyond make this Lambertville shop a true treasure! 


Peoples Store


Fat Farm Antiques

Do you dream of filling your home with antique signs, furniture, and decor? A true antique shop with a huge variety, Fat Farm NJ Antiques in Flemington has so much to offer. Carrying tons of antique advertisements, art work, magazines and signage (and so much more), this shop will have you reminiscent and nostalgic. Joseph Buccellato, owner of Fat Farm NJ Antiques, is always on the lookout for unique and rare items from all over: stay up-to-date on the store’s Facebook page to see his finds in real time. You’re sure to go into Fat Farm NJ with an idea of what you want in mind, and leave with items you’d never think you’d find!

Happi Nest Antiques

An antique shop started by three-generations of the McKean family, HappiNest Antiques in Whitehouse Station lives true to its name! If you’re looking for seasonal decorations and home goods, this store will have you floating on cloud nine. Take a scroll through their gallery and get just a taste of their unique and special home decor. HappiNest Antiques is sure to make you feel at home (and help you decorate yours)!

Allen’s Antiques

Taking a scenic drive along the Delaware river? Stop by Allen’s Antiques on the Delaware in Milford for an eclectic assortment of vintage finds. Seasonally assorted vintage china and glassware for your kitchen, collectible decorations, and even antique gadgets such as wine barrels and iron sewing machines – Allen’s is a perfectly-procured time machine for antiques. Visit the store’s Facebook page for live updates on what’s in-store.

With all of the new and fun things happening daily in Hunterdon County, it’s nice to stop by some of our favorite antique, thrift or consignment shops from time to time and reminisce on different times! Check in with each shop’s websites or social media pages to stay up-to-date on their offerings and hours. Happy thrifting!

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