Hop off the train in High Bridge – or – step into High Rail Brewing for a cold brew! Either way, High Bridge is the place for you! This old industrial town has a unique history and character, combined with a new age flare, making it the perfect stop in your visit to Hunterdon County.

Start Your Day!

Start off with an amazing cup of coffee from the team at Scouts Coffee Bar and Mercantile! Scouts is a High Bridge mainstay, and recently expanded their space. Come in and enjoy a cup of coffee, spend some time with friends over a game, or even enjoy a fresh pastry. 

Get Active!

Take a walk up Main Street to the Columbia Trail. Enjoy a walk on this former rail line trail through the hills of Hunterdon. Be sure to keep your eyes open for potential gnomes and their homes along the way! 

Take a walk off the trail and down to the old site of Union Forge and Taylor Steelworks. Here you can see buildings that trace their factory roots to the 1700’s. 

Sit For Awhile!

After your walk, swing back down the hill and to Polka Dot Cafe for lunch. Pick your favorite sandwich and don’t forget to finish it off with some of their homemade ice cream! 

Grab an afternoon refreshing brew at High Rail Brewing. Located in the heart of Main Street, this rustic space is a perfect spot to take in an afternoon. From sours to light and dark beers, High Rail can serve any flavor pallet. 

End the day with great food and drinks at Circa! Often hosting live music, Circa is a local favorite for a night out in this cozy bistro setting. 

High Bridge has a fun and funky, yet historic, vibe to it that everyone can enjoy! Whether you visit by train or car, this old industrial town is filled with unique dining, brews, trails, and more!