A Delicious Journey for Dessert Devotees

Life can be stressful. Deadlines loom, commutes crawl, and sometimes, all you crave is a little escape – a moment of pure, unadulterated indulgence. Well, fret no more, fellow sugar fiends, for Hunterdon County holds the key to unlocking your inner dessert devotee! Forget the bland and the boring; here, we celebrate the art of the sweet tooth with a bounty of bakeries and patisseries that will have your taste buds singing hallelujah.


Libby Beans Storefront with benchLibbyBeans: Where Whimsical Meets Delicious

Nestled in the charming town of Frenchtown lies LibbyBeans, a bakery that’s as whimsical as its name. Just stepping inside will have your inner child jumping up and down with excitement. Their display cases are a kaleidoscope of delectable creations: chocolate covered strawberries, marzipan, Belgium chocolate, and classics like licorice and gummies. Here, the confection creators are artists, transforming simple ingredients into edible masterpieces that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate! Stop by LibbyBeans to get some classic, never gets old, always satisfies your sweet tooth kind-of candy.

Flemington Fudge Shoppe: A Celebration of the ClassicFudge Shoppe Storefront

What the fudge? That’s what you’ll be saying when you take a bite into The Flemington Fudge Shoppe’s delicious creations! Here, they specialize in the art of fudge-making, crafting batches of the rich, creamy confection in a variety of flavors. From the classic chocolate that melts in your mouth to the decadent peanut butter swirl and the delightfully salty caramel, there’s a fudge for everyone. While you’re there, you might even find yourself getting a hold of their chocolate covered fruits, truffles, pretzels and so many other delicious house-made treats!


Honey Moon cupcakes brownies cakes Honey Moon: A Bakery with a Breadth of Treats 

Frenchtown is home to Honey Moon, a bakery (and pizzeria) that lives up to its name with a very wide assortment of delightful pastries and treats, changing up their offerings monthly. Whether you crave a cream puff that is flaky and fluffy or a cookie that perfectly crumbles with every bite, Honey Moon has you covered. To keep up with their menu, you’ll want to give them a follow on their Facebook or Instagram page, where they’re constantly updating devoted dessert lovers like you with what they’re baking. Honey Moon takes pride in using high-quality ingredients, and it shows in the taste!


Chocolate in the Oven: A Chocolatier’s DreamChocolate in the Oven Storefront bench cookie

From custom cakes, Italian pastries, cheesecakes, cookies, pies, small batch ice cream, confections and other seasonal specialties, Chocolate in the Oven, located in Milford, is your new sweet treat culinary Mecca. Here, the focus is on their custom cakes, but their shelves are still lined with an enticing array of other bakes and sweets, each a testament to the love they, too, have for desserts and treats. From smooth, melt-in-your-mouth ganache to playful pops of fruit, there’s something, big or small, to satisfy every craving. Make sure to give them a call the next time you need a custom cake, or to stop in to get a taste test!


Sweet Melissas Croissants Popovers breadSweet Melissa Patisserie: A Slice of Parisian Charm in Hunterdon County

Craving a taste of France without the transatlantic plane ticket? Look no further than Sweet Melissa Patisserie, voted NJs best bakery, located in Lebanon, New Jersey. As soon as you step inside, the aroma of freshly baked bread and decadent pastries will transport you straight to a Parisian cafe. Here, the display cases are a celebration of French baking artistry. Delicate tarts adorned with seasonal fruits, flaky croissants begging to be dipped in warm butter, and sinfully delicious custom cakes – Sweet Melissa offers a taste of France that’s as authentic as it is delightful. Don’t forget to explore their selection of cookies, perfect for a midday pick-me-up, or their savory offerings, like quiche, for a delightful lunch option.


Beyond the Bakery: A Hunterdon County Dessert Adventure

While these bakeries are just a taste of what Hunterdon County has to offer, your sweet tooth adventure doesn’t have to end there. Consider exploring the charming cafes and coffee shops dotted throughout the county, many of which offer delightful pastries alongside their artisanal beverages. Don’t forget to check out local farmers markets, where talented artisans might be selling homemade jams, honey, and other sweet treats.

Remember, the key to satisfying your sweet tooth lies in exploring, discovering, and indulging. So, grab your walking shoes (or a designated driver!), arm yourself with a sense of adventure, and embark on a delectable journey through Hunterdon County. After all, life is short, and dessert is calling!