Come and experience Hunterdon’s historic sites. Hunterdon County traces its roots to 1714, long before the start of the American Revolution. From historic Main Streets to historic museums of all shapes and sizes, experience Hunterdon’s over 300 years of history. Hunterdon County, New Jersey is home to numerous historic sites that offer visitors a glimpse into the area’s rich past. 

A Picture-Perfect Historic Site

The first place to start is logically the Red Mill Museum Village is one of the most photographed places in New Jersey and the entire country! Here, you can experience the story of a working mill in Hunterdon. Did you know that during the Revolution there were more mills in Hunterdon County than in any other County in the state? Mills were located along Hunterdon’s many rivers, brooks, creeks and waterways. The Red Mill not only helps to tell this story, but also the story of small-town life in Hunterdon through many other unique outbuildings.

Head down to the Bouman-Stickney Farmstead. Located down a long gravel road, this historic Dutch farmstead traces its roots to 1741. Experience life as an early farmer in the Dutch settled region along the Raritan River Valley. Be sure to check out the ‘New World Dutch’ style barn too!

Historic Sites in the South

Next, begin your drive south to the Holcombe Jimison Farmstead. Before you arrive, take a drive through the charming historic village of Sergeantsville. Grab a bite at the 1700’s Sergeantsville Inn! Enjoy elegant dining in this stunning stone structure. On your way out, drive down the road to the Green Sergeants Covered Bridge – known as the last remaining covered bridge in New Jersey. Snap a picture and then make your journey down towards Lambertville.

Once you are close to Lambertville, pull off and visit the Holcombe Jimison Farmstead! Experience nearly 300 years of agricultural history on this site, viewing structures and items to tell the unique stories of this farmstead. From the original stone house to its barns, and many out buildings, this is a can’t miss stop!

Dining in a Historic Site

Finish out your day dining in another well-known Hunterdon staple, this historic Lambertville Station Restaurant! Housed in the old train station for the City of Lambertville, you can experience fine dining and views of the Delaware River and charming downtown Lambertville.

Here are some more of the most notable:

  1. Flemington Historic District: This district is a collection of 19th-century buildings that are still in use today. The most famous building in the district is the Hunterdon County Courthouse, where the infamous trial of Bruno Hauptmann took place.
  2. Hunterdon Art Museum: This museum is in a 19th-century stone mill and showcases contemporary art and craft from around the world.
  3. Prallsville Mills: This mill complex in Stockton, NJ includes several buildings that have been restored and are now used as event spaces and art galleries.
  4. Samuel Fleming House: This historic house was built in the early 1700s and served as a tavern and general store during the American Revolution.
  5. Rockingham Historic Site: This historic house was George Washington’s final headquarters during the Revolutionary War and is now open to the public for tours.
  6. The Stanton Reformed Church: This church dates back to the mid-1700s and is still in use today. It is notable for its Dutch-style architecture and well-preserved interior.
  7. Van Horne House: This historic house was built in 1775 and served as a strategic location during the Revolutionary War. It is now open to the public for tours.
  8. Union Forge Heritage Association: This association is dedicated to preserving the history of the Union Forge complex in High Bridge, NJ, which was a major iron-producing site in the 18th and 19th centuries. They offer tours and educational programs for visitors.

There are so many more historic sites to visit that we can’t fit them all!  Visit these key spots we recommend and be sure to discover all that is around you. You will be amazed at what history is around the corner in Hunterdon!

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