Looking for 6 Unique Fun Team Building Activities? Trying to reconnect your team after a long break away from the office that is unique and fun?  Or connecting with new members for the first time?  Or just looking for a unique place to hold your annual meeting?  Overall, the 6 unique fun team building activities offer a variety of fun, engaging and effective ways to improve teamwork and communication among employees.

Unique and Impactful – America’s Grow a Row

Provident Bank employees help in the apple orchard.
America’s Grow-a-Row is a rewarding team-building experience.

America’s Grow a Row – Get out of the office and into the fields for fun!  Join the farm team and the 100+ companies who “get dirty” harvesting healthy fresh produce for neighbors in need! Volunteering with America’s Grow-a-Row is a rewarding team-building experience that impacts the communities where your employees and customers live and work. Grow a Row is a great way to give back to the community while working together to achieve a common goal at a very unique place.


Fun and Sweat at Flemington Pickleball

Fun and Sweat at Flemington Pickleball

Flemington Pickleball – Pickleball is mainly a 2-person team going up against another. So, it requires people to be able to work as part of a team and is one of the best team-building ideas. This may be a good opportunity to pair people together that may not work as well together in an office. Learning how to work together in a sport can transcend off the court and allow teams to figure out how to work together better in an office.  Most of all this is fun!


Unique Classroom at Doyle’s Farm

Unique setting at Doyle’s Farm!

Doyle’s Farm – Educational tours aren’t just for schools. Doyle’s Farm provides an educational and hands-on experience in a beautiful outdoor setting. Special activities include bottle feeding the baby goats/sheep, sheep shearing demonstrations, planting activities, goat milking, apple pressing, hayrides, and much more! All the tour activities are outside or in the open air of the large barn. Grab your overalls and boots and get to work and have fun!


Fun and Fear at Gravity Vault

Fun and Fear at Gravity Vault

Gravity Vault – Want to a unique and fun team-building experience?  Climb a wall! Gravity vault is an indoor rock-climbing experience that can accommodate any size group. One of the things that makes Gravity Vault so popular is the fact that it provides the perfect team-building activity for your company. Building chemistry is so important for any corporation, and rock walls have become an ideal option! Learn how your group or team can reach new heights!


Get Active at Pine Creek Miniature Golf Course

Bristol Myers Squibb group today!! Pine Creek is perfect for corporate fun/team building!!!
Pine Creek Miniature Golf is perfect for corporate fun/team building!!!

Pine Creek Miniature Golf Course – Pine Creek is a fun team-building challenge for everyone. The camaraderie and the laughs are great for company morale! At a Pine Creek outing, employees from different departments get to know each other in a casual setting outside the work environment….and without the stress, non-golfers feel at a regulation golf outing! Pine Creek provides a unique, beautiful and natural setting for friendly conversation and competition. Enjoy some camaraderie and team building in the fresh air!  Afterward, treat everyone to a well-deserved cheesecakes and desserts at Maddalena’s Cheese Cake which is located across the street!


Fun and Laughs at Mad Lavender Farm

Goat Yoga
Fun and laughs at Mad Lavender Farm with the goats!

Mad Lavender Farm – Private goat yoga is a fantastic team building activity with co-workers and a great way to reconnect with team members. Your group will enjoy a yoga class while our friendly and mischievous goats run around, under, and over you. Mad Lavender Farm offers a peaceful and tranquil setting for goat yoga, which can help to improve focus and concentration.


During a team building activity, employees may learn unique things about their teammates and develop skills to help them interact effectively. These retreats can be used in connecting remote teams, building relationships and more! It seems crazy to think that this can all be done in just one or a few hours, but it’s authentic because you are enjoying yourself while working towards a common goal! They will talk about the fun they had for years to come too!

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