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January 10, 2024

Hunterdon County’s Little Town Has Lots to Do: Oldwick in Tewksbury Township

Have the pleasure of visiting Hunterdon County and wanting to explore some of our tinier towns such as Tewksbury Township and within it, Oldwick? If so, this article is the…

December 31, 2023

Empty Nester Adventures in Hunterdon

Calling all empty nesters in Hunterdon County! Entering the empty nest phase of life is a significant transition that brings both challenges and newfound opportunities. For those residing in Hunterdon…

October 15, 2023

Cozy Fireside Dining in Historic Hunterdon

Hunterdon is dotted with historic taverns and Inns that feature seasonal farm to table meals and cozy fireside dining. The cool winter months in Hunterdon are filled with holiday festivals,…

July 18, 2023

Your New Favorite Fishing Spot is in Hunterdon County, NJ

Whether you’re new to the art of sport fishing, or you’re a seasoned pro, Hunterdon County has an abundance of fishing opportunities to get you in the game! With a…

Related Locations

Tewksbury Township

Murray Christmas Farm

37 Philhower Road, Tewksbury Township

Website: murraychristmastrees.com


Howling Bassett Books

39 Old Turnpike Road, Oldwick

Phone: 908-572-0757

Website: howlingbassetbooks.com

Tewksbury Township

The Tewksbury Inn

55 County Road 517, Oldwick

Phone: 908-439-2641

Website: thetewksburyinn.com


Whittemore Art Garden

7 Rockaway Road, Tewksbury Township

Phone: 908-439-1201

Website: whittemoreccc.org



19 King Street, Oldwick

Phone: (908) 439-2318

Website: melickstownfarm.com

Tewksbury Township

Melick Orchards and Cider Mill

19 King Street, Oldwick

Phone: (908) 439-2318

Website: melickstownfarm.com