Have the pleasure of visiting Hunterdon County and wanting to explore some of our tinier towns such as Tewksbury Township and within it, Oldwick? If so, this article is the perfect guide to help you visit some of our favorite spots in the area – some iconic, most historic, all a fantastic experience! Keep reading and get ready to add to your bucket list!

Melicks Farm (Oldwick)

Even if you’re not familiar with Tewksbury/Oldwick, you’ve probably heard of Melick’s farm, home to New Jersey’s largest apple orchard (and that’s saying a lot for the garden state)! Producing some of the best hard and regular ciders out of its very own cider mill, Melicks is a fall favorite for many. Besides apples and cider, Melicks provides access to their farmers market for farm-harvested produce, freshly made baked goods, hard cider and even wine! Bring your family and friends out to enjoy the fresh smell of orchards and the scenic Hunterdon County countryside! Your family will love picking their own fruit, flowers, and enjoying many of Melick’s “fun on the farm” activities!

The Tewksbury Inn (Oldwick)

Another highly identified place in Tewksbury is the delicious Tewksbury Inn. Open every day and serving both lunch and dinner, The Tewksbury Inn is the perfect place to treat yourself to an elegant meal that is sure to become one of your favorite memories in Tewksbury! Their menu boasts elevated favorites such as Grilled Honey Glazed Pork Flat Iron Steak, Filet Mignon au Poivré, an array of flavorful salads and fresh seafood apps! The Tewksbury Inn is a must-do the next time you’re in town!

The Tewksbury Historical Society (Tewksbury)

If you haven’t guessed by now, Tewksbury (much like the rest of Hunterdon County) is extremely historic. What better way to get to know the area than to visit The Tewksbury Historical Society? Historical records of Tewkbury go back to 1705, with the first established town meeting recorded in 1755, and becoming one of the first 104 townships in New Jersey. The Tewksbury Historical Society began in 1989 and has dedicated its existence to preserving and educating on the history of the area. Additionally, the historical society hosts an annual art show where you can view and purchase juried works, small works, portfolio works and photography! This year the art show is hosted on October 6th at the Zion Lutheran Christian Education Building located at 18 Miller Avenue, Oldwick, NJ 08858. Whether you’re looking for a history lesson on the area, or just to appreciate the preservation of the land and buildings, make sure to check out Tewksbury Historical Society!

(photo taken on Main St, now Old Turnpike Rd., circa 1900)

Julian Gage Home Collection (Oldwick)

Looking to admire and/or purchase more art in the area? You don’t want to miss the Julian Gage Home Collection, home to unique and special arts, antiques, furniture, lighting, and accessories! Upon arrival, take in all 5,500 square feet of the 1865 converted church that Julian Gage now stands in, and then prepare to enter! Prepare to be dazzled by wide assortments of 18th and 19th century English and Chinese antiques, as well as 20th century vintage English reproduction furniture. If you’re looking to browse for a while, check out their wide array of fine arts, lighting and decorative accessories, garden decor, rare leather books and photography! Julian Gage is a collectors (or self-proclaimed decorators) dream!

Whittemore Community, Culture and Conservation (Oldwick)

Whether you’re planning to visit within the last few weeks of summer, or you want to plan a trip to see the fall foliage in the upcoming fall months, the Whittemore Community, Culture and Conservation is one of the most beautiful spots in the area. With 180-acres of preservation, the conservation was given to Tewksbury Township by Helen A. Whittemore, a nature lover and diarist who wanted her land and house to be preserved so that others may be awed by the natural world and inspired by its beauty to preserve it. It’s safe to say that Helen’s wishes came true, as the land is used today for nature lovers alike to come and view the flora and fauna, as well as to host events! You can enjoy a workout class, a sound bowl / meditation session, art lessons, and much more on site. We highly urge you to pay a visit to the conservation and take in all that it offers – beautiful land, a kind community, and lots to do and see!

Howling Basset Books (Oldwick)

If you’re a book lover and a dog lover, you cannot miss visiting Howling Basset Books in Oldwick! This independent book store opened in September of 2022 and has been giving locals and visitors the chance to pick up a new book while simultaneously meeting their “basset-in-residence” – Stella! From an extensive selection of literary fiction; adult genre fiction (romance, mystery, fantasy and sci-fi); biographies / memoirs; cookbooks; children’s books and more, Howling Basset Books has everything you want (plus a dog)!

Oldwick General Store (Oldwick)

In 1760, The Oldwick General Store was a place for locals to gather and barter their farm produce, now it’s a local’s favorite spot to pick up a delicious meal! From Breakfast and Lunch to an assortment of fresh baked Bread and Pastries, The Oldwick General Store has everything you want, and then some. Likewise, if you’re a cyclist and find yourself biking through the rolling hills of Tewksbury, stop by the general store, a popular spot for fellow cyclists to pick up a bite at the end of their trip! 

The Magic Shop (Oldwick)

Finish up your trip to Tekwbury/Oldwick with some magic by visiting The Magic Shop in Oldwick! The Magic Shop is just as it sounds, but with an unsuspecting beautiful and endearing historic background. The Magic Shop, originally opened in 1947 and owned by Lib Schley and Mayor Watts Hitchcock, was inspired into creation by their childhood – filled with fairies, often referred to as magical, and during World War II, where it was often necessary to make your own toys. From their own magic making came The Magic Shop! With over 75 years of magic-making, the shop is home to one of a kind antiques, gifts, toys, and more. If you want to fully experience the magic, stop by and see for yourself! 

Whether you want to wine at Melicks and Dine at The Inn, or just enjoy the beautiful land and scenery that makes up Tewksbury Township, we welcome you to enjoy all it has to offer! We hope to see you soon!


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