If you are looking for a quaint escape along the Delaware River, the Village of Stockton is your destination. From the trickling falls along the towpath by the historic Prallsville Mills to the cozy old stone bed and breakfast, the Woolverton Inn, you will feel at home in Stockton, NJ. 


Start the day with a sunrise walk along the towpath. Park in the lot by the Prallsville Mills, a collection of historic buildings dating back to the 1700’s. Take in the beauty of these structures, snap a picture or two, and then head on your walk!

Once you head into the village center, grab a cup of coffee at the Stockton Food Store, a classic general store of sorts. Need a snack? Pick from a variety of options to give you that morning boost!

Walk out onto the bridge and stop somewhere in the middle. Take in the majesty of the Delaware, without the hustle and bustle of the world!


Stroll back into town and grab lunch at Gabarelly’s Stockton Steaks! Juicy Philadelphia-style steaks will fill your stomach with joy, while taking in views of the historic area around you.

Looking for a unique spot to view local art? Take a short drive a few minutes outside of town to Sunflower Glass Studio, nestled into the rolling farm fields surrounding Stockton.

Time to end the day right? Grab a fabulous Italian Dinner at Via Ponte! Enjoy refined Sicilian cooking and brick oven pizza in an old world setting.


Looking to stay the night after a long day? The Woolverton Inn, located on the hillside overlooking Stockton and the mighty Delaware, is the perfect destination. Built in 1792, this old stone inn is a Stockton classic. From its historic charm to its impeccably landscaped grounds, and even some sheep, make it the go-to destination for travelers in Stockton.

Stockton is known to be peaceful village, surrounded by southern Hunterdon countryside. Enjoy a relaxing visit to Stockton, take in its quaint charm, the scenic Delaware River, and all it has to offer!